New song! The First Battle!

2017-01-15 14:30:59 by GeoDashDude

"The first battle of many, has begun..."

The First Battle was just released a couple minutes ago! It's a pretty short song, and it's pretty decent.

Geometry Dash Users : The song ID is 722892.

This song can be used for anything, GD levels, youtube videos, remixes, etc.

New song coming?

2017-01-15 08:22:46 by GeoDashDude

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made a song in a while, have been busy, but I will make one soon :). I bet no one follows me because I am not popular :P but whatever :P. Anyways, new song coming soon, probably in a couple days or something.

Welcome to my page!!

2016-01-16 08:59:40 by GeoDashDude

Hello! I am GeoDashDude and I play Geometry Dash. I started Newgrounds so I can make music for my Geometry Dash levels. My GD username is: GeoDashDude. I will make good music and hope you will enjoy!